Monday Message 16th July 2018

“The latest banking inquiry and the cricketers – this doesn’t happen by accident, it’s because the boundaries that we are use to all get loosened up to the point where there are no boundaries; and where there are no boundaries people get used to that new way of doing things.

I keep up the Jewish tradition very strongly and I do that because I think it keeps families together.”

– 75 year old Cedric Fuchs, who emigrated to Australia in 1987 (just 31 years ago) with no family, no job and no friends – and went on to establish what is today the multibillion-dollar listed Real Estate Group Charter Hall



Monday Message 9th July 2018

“…common sense is indeed like oxygen: the higher you go the thinner it gets. In the case of Napoleon, like Caesar, he rose so far above fundamentals as to lose sight of them altogether”.

– JL Gaddis writing recently in his millennia spanning history book, ‘On Grand Strategy’

Monday Message 2nd July 2018

Concepts of ‘good governance’ continue to be a deep mystery to most; as the Sydney Morning Herald reflected last week following the Board reshuffle at troubled Fletcher Building:

“If there was one lesson that Sir Ralph Norris’s board was meant to learn from the disaster was that it needed more people with experience in the core business – building materials and construction.

So who did a penitent Sir Ralph pick to help lift the company from a quick succession of downgrades related to its troubled building division?

We have Barbara Chapman, who ran ASB just as Sir Ralph once did. She also had senior roles at Commonwealth Bank which Sir Ralph also ran.

He also appointed Air New Zealand veteran Robert McDonald who was at the airline so long he must have served under Sir Ralph when he was CEO there.

He also appointed the well-credentialed NZ lawyer Cathy Quinn and former Lion Nathan executive Doug McKay who currently sits on the NAB Board. How adventurous.

A great crew, the Kiwis agree, but absolutely zero construction experience between them.”

Monday Message 15th January 2018

“The cure for anything is salt water – sweat, tears or the salt sea”

– Karen Blixen (pen name Isak Dinesen) accomplished Danish author of Out of Africa and Babette’s Feast…

We hope that you returned from your Xmas break well ‘cured’ and look forward to a prosperous 2018…