Monday Message 11th December 2017

“Its the things that we can’t see that pose the biggest risks”

It’s customary at this time of year to plan safestart meetings for the New Year return to work. The following 15 minute video features a real incident in Auckland, filmed in real time. It’s had surprisingly little exposure, – especially given the honesty in hindsight with valuable reflections for anyone involved around heavy machinery. One of our customers features spectacularly, and it is with their permission that we provide this learning resource:

Please have a well planned and safe 2018..

Monday Message 4th December 2017

Post implementation studies of Government IT projects have become a dismayingly rich source of learning for anyone seeking better outcomes from all nature of projects.

This month NSW auditor-general Margaret Crawford considered a SAP software implementation at the Department of Justice. The following issues were raised in her review:

“Lack of a formal assessment of the relevant skills and experience of key project personnel before project commencement, absence of an effective ongoing project risk identification and management process, ‘go-live’ decision for each Justice SAP wave by those charged with governance was not informed by a full understanding of the project, insufficient focus on stakeholder engagement and change management, and insufficient independent quality management over the project together with contract and performance management.” The auditor-general noted that failings were similar to those in a like project 2 years earlier!

KBP associate Iain Miller says “Have a risk aware week and be sure to actually acknowledge the risks identified with an authentic management plan and ongoing performance management”


Monday Message 27th November 2017

“Although history remembers some individual actors as highly influential, single leaders rarely change the course of society on their own”

– Professor Julie Battilana of Harvard University; who went on to say recently “most movements are full of hidden heroes”

Monday Message 16th Jan 2017

Happy New Year to all! Hopefully your Xmas break delivered some quality time for relaxation, reflection and family fun.

By way of reflection, 2016 was a great year for Iain and me at Key Business Partners:

– we worked for 18 customers (to each, a sincere Thank You)

– of the 18; seven provided 80% of revenue

– 8 of the 18 were new customers, located in between Antarctica and Canterbury

We look forward to being of service in 2017. Best wishes for a positive, safe and successful year in every respect.