What makes business analysis at Key Business Partners so different from big brand consultancies?

It’s personal
Key Business Partners thrives on long-term relationships. We’ll take the trouble to really listen and help you define your needs. We are only interested in real work, so if you don’t need it, we won’t recommend it. Everything we do will draw on our skills and experience, but it will be designed for you, not the product of a copy and paste.

You’ll be working alongside Vincent Pooch or, possibly, a specialist associate.

We know that business analysis is not just about figures
Delivering analytical quality also means talking to lots of people and asking the right questions. Our customers go on to make decisions based on better information.

We don’t offer text book solutions
Text book solutions seldom work outside text books. In real life a multitude of ‘soft’ factors create uncertainty. The most important soft factors are human and we need to involve them to put your plans into action.

We can help you look beyond your profits
We’re certainly interested in helping you grow your business faster, that’s our focus, but we can also look at other ways to develop your business than simply a single bottom line. That holistic approach might include us evaluating the impact of your plans on the environment or the community.

We are skilled communicators
We’ll present our recommendations clearly, precisely and professionally to you, your colleagues, your board and to any external stakeholders you choose. Most importantly, we use our creativity to convey insights in an engaging way.

Your reports will be concise
That’s not just to save you reading time. It’s about value. We’ll give you substance, not weight, so we’ll put your investment into analysis and thinking, not padding.