Monday Message 9th December 2019

“I learned a long time ago to always keep an eye out for good people – whether that is a driver, a mechanic, an engineer or manager. Our people are what keep us running at the front of the field in racing and in business. They are our greatest resource and we call them our human capital.”

– Roger Penske (1937- ), employer of 60,000 in business interests including truck leasing and the Indy Speedway, who recruited NZ driver Scott McLaughlin to his DJR Team Penske around 5 years ago as a Supercar driver.

Monday Message 2nd December 2019

“It is only when they go wrong, that machines remind you how powerful they are”

– Clive James (1939-24/11/19), Sydney born emigrant to England who made good as an author, critic and very memorable broadcaster

Monday Message 25th November 2019

“We are drowning in information, while starving for wisdom”

– American evolutionary biologist E O Wilson (1929 – ), sometimes called the father of biodiversity, all from a humble start in Birmingham Alabama

Monday Message 14th January 2019

Happy New Year and welcome to 2019.

In this age of uncertain Presidential behaviour it’s worth observing that 76 years ago on this day in 1943, the first ever flight on US Presidential business landed. A significant, risky 4 day event which enabled Franklin D. Roosevelt to meet a cautious Winston Churchill and foot dragging Charles DeGaulle in Casablanca. (Stalin declined to come, blaming the ongoing seige of Stalingrad).

The TWA Boeing 314 flying boat departed Miami via Trinidad (now independent) via Brazil and Gambia (now a republic). The final leg used a Douglas C-54 (military version of a DC-4) 4-propeller aircraft to land at the French Protectorate of Morocco (now a Kingdom).

Three generations later the change in technology and geopolitics is scarcely believable. Thus we remain optimistic of continued positive change, the trend is our friend.