Monday Message 19th August 2019

“The best way to have a good idea, is to have lots of ideas”

– Linus Pauling, Portland Oregon born chemist, peace activist, educator, Nobel Prize winner (1901-19/8/94)

Monday Message 12th August 2019

“China’s strategy seems simple: Find the pain points. Apply pressure.

Watch Trump go bonkers on Twitter. Trade war rhetoric has been translated into reality over the past week, and the Chinese yuan is now part of Beijing’s armoury.

China has sent a message that a hard yuan level won’t be defended – and shown it has the mettle to carry through. Tactically further yuan weakness could be expected in the short term. But strategically, China’s long term goals are best served by a stronger yuan”.

Robert Guy, writing in AFR

Monday Message 5th August 2019

“ is pleasant to hunt something that you want very much over a long period of time, being outwitted, outmanouvred, and failing at the end of each day, but having the hunt and knowing every time you are out there, sooner or later, your luck will change and that you will get the chance you are seeking”

– Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961) in his 1936 book ‘The Green Hills of Africa’

Monday Message 14th January 2019

Happy New Year and welcome to 2019.

In this age of uncertain Presidential behaviour it’s worth observing that 76 years ago on this day in 1943, the first ever flight on US Presidential business landed. A significant, risky 4 day event which enabled Franklin D. Roosevelt to meet a cautious Winston Churchill and foot dragging Charles DeGaulle in Casablanca. (Stalin declined to come, blaming the ongoing seige of Stalingrad).

The TWA Boeing 314 flying boat departed Miami via Trinidad (now independent) via Brazil and Gambia (now a republic). The final leg used a Douglas C-54 (military version of a DC-4) 4-propeller aircraft to land at the French Protectorate of Morocco (now a Kingdom).

Three generations later the change in technology and geopolitics is scarcely believable. Thus we remain optimistic of continued positive change, the trend is our friend.