Monday Message 13th September 2021

Morning all…pleased to say there was a very positive response last week to the draw for Abbas Nazari’s book “After The Tampa”. David S in Auckland should have his copy by now but John R in New South Wales will have to wait slightly longer.

Given that we are all connected directly or indirectly to immigrants to the small islands of New Zealand, some of the responses were rather humbling and my favourite is:
“I well recall, my parents saw NZ as a land of promise particularly for their children and at the start of 1960 brought our family out from Holland. I was seven at the time and we arrived in Timaru with barely more than the clothes we stood up in. No one could speak a word of English. With the safety net of hindsight I can truly say how lucky my sister and I were and how grateful I am personally that they had the intestinal fortitude and determination to make such a massive sacrifice.”