Monday Message 6th September 2021

“The topics of refugees and asylum seekers provokes heated debate and passionate responses from people, but few who are party to such discussions have actually lived the refugee experience. Few know what it is like to uproot yourselves from your homeland, risk everything, then, if you are exceptionally lucky, be resettled in an utterly foreign land, learning to navigate a new hyphenated identity”.

– Abbas Nazari; who last week launched “After The Tampa”; his story of growing up as the son of a trucker in the Afghan mountains (operating a Soviet era Kamaz freight truck) to fleeing with family and eventually settling in Christchurch where he attended Burnside High School and Canterbury University, before winning a Fulbright scholarship to USA.

“Just as my successes are a point of pride for the community, my failures can be a blight on the entire village”.

This book is a ripping yarn written by a man who is very good with words.
It provides historical context for the present situation in Afghanistan and a somewhat hopeful future. I got my copy at Piccadilly Books Avonhead.