Who are our customers?

We have developed strong business relationships with a range of customers from privately owned to public listed companies to Government organisations. Our customers are those who need:

  • a broad and practical approach to resolving issues
  • a strong working relationship with their advisor
  • an advisor who can work well as part of a team
  • a specialised corporate advisory service, with experience, creativity and enthusiasm

Industries in which we have a depth of understanding include:

  • distribution/logistics
  • electricity
  • road
  • sea
  • rail
  • mining/primary resources
  • ports
  • public infrastructure assets
  • road transport
  • shipping
  • waste management
  • agriculture/horticulture
  • dairy
  • food processing

We work mainly in New Zealand but have completed projects overseas:  Denver, Oklahoma City, Seattle, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Tasmania, Suva, Singapore, Kyrgyzstan, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Nice, Zurich. We respect our customers needs for confidentiality and do not provide a list of ‘tombstones’. This is not the focus of KBP — results from ongoing business improvement and relationships are.