“Eight strands” or core values have guided the growth of Key Business Partners since 1992

1. Wise

Unrivalled experience from completion of almost 32,000 hours of consulting work for a total of 163 customers (as of November 2018) mainly in Australia and NZ, across a broad range of industries and cultures.

We have been around long enough to observe what really counts – the long-term value arising from our hands-on work.

2. Timely

We deliver what we promise, when we promise.

We also make a point of keeping up to date with developments and trends in your industry; here and overseas.

3. Transparent

We deal in facts; we help our customers understand the facts, so that they in turn can make good decisions through our leading a customised process of reflective questioning, high quality analysis and insightful communication.

At the same time we understand that issues are seldom “black and white”. We help our customers understand the shades of grey – the risk/return continuum.

We are open about our fees and costs.

While our analytical skill base and network of skilled associates is broad, we will let you know at the earliest opportunity if we are not the best people for the job.

4. Confidential

We do not have an ego or lifestyle that needs to trumpet deals done and mega dollars.

We have a hard-won reputation for the essential discretion required when strategising both the incremental and the large step changes that create great businesses.

5. Great communication

Our ability to work with other people is second to none.

We are constantly and successfully dealing with a wide range of people:

  • from truck drivers to chairwomen
  • from Kiwis to people of many nationalities and first languages
  • from valuers to geophysicists

specialised associates – at the times when we agree with customers that those are the best people for the job

6. Relationships by choice

We seek to work with customers where there is “chemistry” – the opportunity to create genuine synergy from complementary skills, experience and values applied to effectively lead change.

We will not take on a new customer if conflicts of interest or ethical issues could prove unworkable.

7. Continuous improvement

Every job is undertaken on the basis that when completed, its inherent quality serves as a new benchmark, and as a reference for “word of mouth” referral for new business.

8. Strong personal values

We are well anchored by strong personal values, which include:

  • Community

Business does not exist in a vacuum. We believe that contribution to develop communities, in particular in the areas of education and sport, creates a long term “win-win” which will raise the wealth of our nation.

Core business values of personal striving for excellence, resilience and concern for others must be developed in every community, every day.

  • The environment

We seek to promote awareness and make the point that success is not all about achieving short-term financial results. Every individual has a responsibility to use resources carefully and not be wasteful. Furthermore, the natural beauty of the planet Earth, especially in the South Island of NZ, serves to inspire us each and every day.

  • Family/work balance

Many of our customers are leaders in family businesses. Equally in large corporates we promote the idea that people perform to their best when in sync with the broader needs and aspirations of their own families.

This includes returning home each day from a safe workplace.

  • Can Do!

We accept the challenges that go with being a privileged “insider” in leading change. We will deliver with good humour, and a shared appreciation that resourcefulness and overcoming adversity is a fundamental part of enjoying the view at the top of the mountain.