Increasing your business value

It’s about business analysis – to help you grow revenue while minimizing your capital and operational costs. Key Business Partners will review your business, develop financial models and alternative business strategies.

Business analysis

Ask Key Business Partners to assess your current position, provide strategic advice and analyse the risks for your company and each of your business units. We can also review your ‘value-added’ financial management performance systems.
Or, engage us to do the same on your competitors!

Business development

You can ask us to review your business and market plans and analyse your logistics. If you are considering capital projects, we can assess their feasibility and whether it’s better to lease or buy capital plant. If you want to put ‘value–added’ financial performance systems in place, we can help you do that too.

Other services

  • corporate governance advice (based on practical experience, not theory)
  • investigative and forensic accounting
  • customised internet searches.

What makes KBP special

A passion for good business practice.

Experience — we know that ‘text book’ solutions seldom work outside text books – in real life uncertainty is created by a multitude of ‘soft’ factors, not least the need to involve people for successful implementation.

Our core strengths in financial modelling and interpersonal relationships have been created by experience (getting results for customers) in a huge number of complex business cases.

Analytical methodologies — we adopt a rigorous, principled and objective analytical approach. Our methodologies are well proven in practice and we have found that the key to resolving issues is

  • obtaining appropriate factual data
  • considering risk
  • taking the time to think through the problem — then structuring it to allow a solution to emerge for consideration and possible acceptance

Technology — we work thoughtfully to evaluate new technologies that deliver more effective and efficient services to customers, wherever they are located.

Relationship orientation — our focus is on building ongoing, long term advisory relationships, based on customers retaining choice.

We prefer to adopt a constructive partnership approach. our experience is that an open, problem solving approach allows a choice of effective solutions to emerge. However, we do not seek to avoid responsibility for conclusions.

As a general principle, we believe in economies of scope rather than economies of scale.

Professionalism in every way.